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From Abortion to Transgender Therapy? Disturbing Trends At Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood’s transition from abortion revenue to transgender hormone therapy raises concerns among conservative moms. Explore the noticeable rise in demand for gender-altering services and the uncertain long-term effects on children’s health.



In the evolving post-Roe landscape of America, conservative moms express growing concerns over Planned Parenthood’s strategic shift. Instead of addressing the decline in abortion revenue, the organization is expanding its scope into “transgender hormone therapy,” a move raising eyebrows within conservative circles.

Recent trends highlight a noticeable surge in demand for these services. Current annual reports clearly indicate that a significant proportion of the nearly 600 Planned Parenthood centers have now integrated cross-sex hormone treatments. This represents a significant departure from the mere 32 centers offering such services back in 2016.

Analysis conducted in 2022 by the Heritage Foundation reveals that a substantial one-third to one-half of these centers are now venturing into the realm of gender-altering treatments. Furthermore, Planned Parenthood’s own reports indicate a striking 49% surge in what they term “gender-affirming care” within a single year.

Certain regions experience even more pronounced growth. For instance, Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio boasts an astonishing 544% increase in visits related to “transgender services” from 2021 to 2022.

Proponents of these changes argue that the surge in individuals identifying as transgender or nonbinary is indicative of a more accepting cultural climate in America. However, this perspective seems challenged by the data. Even in areas with long-standing acceptance, such as Portland, the number of visits for “gender-affirming care” nearly quadrupled between 2021 and 2022. This suggests that factors beyond “increased acceptance” are at play.

Recent research delves into the underlying causes of gender distress, known as gender dysphoria. Influences such as parent-child conflicts, peer pressure, social media, and mental health history are all thought to contribute.

Amidst the ongoing search for definitive answers, conservative moms advocate for cautious progression. Rather than hastily embracing experimental medical interventions, exercising prudence is deemed a wise approach.

With an increasing number of individuals seeking gender-related treatments from Planned Parenthood and similar institutions, rigorous evaluation of the long-term benefits becomes paramount. While some patients might report short-term relief post-transition, there’s no empirical evidence supporting the superiority of these interventions over therapeutic solutions.

Moreover, a consensus is emerging that irreversible treatments may cause significant harm to those grappling with gender dysphoria. The adverse effects of cross-sex hormones, some of which are also employed in chemical castration, are severe, encompassing infertility, stunted growth, and heightened risks of depression, blood clots, and cancer.

Research conducted by Jay Greene at the Heritage Foundation, juxtaposing states allowing minors to receive hormone therapy sans parental consent with those that don’t, reveals disconcerting findings. Easy access to these drugs is correlated with an elevated risk of suicide, counter to claims that such interventions are life-saving.

Examining how other countries respond to the irreversible nature of “gender-affirming” hormone therapy and the less-than-ideal outcomes for post-treatment patients offers insights. Even traditionally liberal Western European nations like the U.K., Sweden, and Finland adopt stricter stances. Norway follows suit after systematic reviews found benefits not outweighing risks. This sets the United States apart as an outlier promoting affirmation without comprehensive evaluation.

Given the uncertainty enveloping the causes and appropriate treatment of gender dysphoria, conservative moms propose a step back from expanding transformative gender-transition services. Emphasis on deliberate consideration is urged. Several conservative states have implemented measures safeguarding minors from potentially harmful interventions, a path that more should tread. Additionally, the call to cease federal funding for gender-altering drugs and surgeries through programs such as Medicare and Tricare gains momentum.

Thankfully, proactive policymakers are making strides. Representative Dan Crenshaw from Texas introduces a bill withholding federal tax dollars from children’s hospitals providing gender hormone or surgical procedures to minors. The 2024 spending bill proposed by House Republicans advocates for excluding gender-transition services from Medicare and Tricare coverage.

Just as the Hyde Amendment safeguards against federal funding for abortions, a parallel safeguard is necessary to prevent taxpayers from supporting gender treatments with uncertain impacts on children.

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YIKES! This Transgender Breastfeeding Story Is TOO WILD To Even Believe



In a shocking and deeply concerning revelation, a transgender biological man with HIV, Murray Pearson, has been actively “breastfeeding” his infant, despite the inherent risk of HIV transmission. What makes this situation even more alarming is the involvement of Canadian doctors who are aiding and abetting this dangerous behavior.

Pearson, who identifies as a woman and goes by the name Margie Fancypants on social media, began his transition in 2022, taking drugs to induce lactation. His journey has been documented on a Reddit forum for transgenders, where he openly discusses his desire to “connect through feeding” his 9-month-old baby. The details of his actions are nothing short of horrifying.

Acknowledging his HIV positive status, Pearson admits that the transmission of the virus to his infant through breast milk is a distinct possibility if his viral load becomes detectable. Viral load refers to the amount of HIV in the blood at a given time. While he plans to monitor his viral load monthly to purportedly “mitigate the risk,” the question remains: why expose the child to any risk in the first place?

The nonchalant use of the term “mitigate risk” in this context is both alarming and irresponsible. The safety and well-being of the infant should be the paramount concern. Why not eliminate the risk entirely by choosing not to expose the child to potential HIV transmission?

One of Pearson’s doctors, Dr. Marina Klein, attempts to justify the situation by stating, “It’s important to emphasize that we do not recommend breastfeeding for people with HIV… [however] If, after informed discussion, a person expresses a wish to breastfeed they may choose to do so provided they are willing to follow a close protocol of viral monitoring.” This raises serious ethical questions about the medical community’s role in enabling such risky choices.

We cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that a child’s health is being compromised for the sake of someone’s personal desires. The decision to breastfeed, despite the potential transmission of a life-altering virus, is simply unacceptable. It is crucial for society to speak out against such actions that put innocent lives at risk.

This disturbing scenario demands not only public awareness but also a reevaluation of medical ethics. The welfare of children must always take precedence over individual choices, especially when those choices can have severe consequences. As we contemplate this distressing situation, our thoughts and prayers go out to the vulnerable infant caught in the midst of this perilous circumstance.

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Gemini Gate: Learn All About Google’s WOKE AI Disaster



In a recent controversy, Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, Gemini, faced backlash for its image generation tool, which displayed blatant racial bias against white individuals. This incident has ignited concerns about the extent to which Google’s AI algorithms may be influenced by a perceived “woke” ideology.

Gemini, essentially Google’s counterpart to ChatGPT, utilizes AI to generate human-like prompts for various purposes, including writing essays, web code, and, most recently, creating images. However, the tool faced significant criticism when users discovered instances of racial bias in its depictions of historical figures.

Historical figures, including the Founding Fathers, Vikings, and the Pope, were portrayed in a way that seemed to intentionally invert their actual racial identities. The Founding Fathers were depicted as black, Vikings as black and Asian, and the Pope as a black man and an Indian woman. This sparked outrage on social media, prompting Google to take down the image-generation tool and issue an apology, acknowledging that they “got it wrong.”

In their apology, Google hinted at the incorporation of racial “equity” in their strategy, stating that media representation has historically favored white individuals and their achievements. They suggested that focusing solely on white individuals risks perpetuating this imbalance. While acknowledging the need for diverse representation is crucial, the incident raises concerns about the potential bias and lack of nuance in Google’s AI algorithms.

Conservatives and independents have long expressed apprehensions about Google’s left-wing and perceived anti-white bias, particularly in its search tool. This incident adds to a growing list of instances that amplify these concerns. Critics argue that Google’s commitment to diversity and equity may be pushing their AI algorithms towards producing content that is not only inaccurate but also reflects a biased narrative.

Federalist founder Sean Davis pointed out the broader issue, stating, “The purpose of a system is what it produces. Google exists to produce lies and manipulate minds in service of a left-wing ideological agenda.” This sentiment reflects the worry that Google’s AI algorithms may be overly influenced by ideological considerations, compromising their ability to provide objective and unbiased information.

As technology continues to play an integral role in shaping our understanding of the world, it is crucial to hold AI developers accountable for ensuring fairness, accuracy, and impartiality. The Gemini incident serves as a reminder that as AI becomes more sophisticated, the potential for unintended biases and the amplification of certain ideologies also increases. Striking a balance between promoting diversity and avoiding bias is a delicate task that requires continuous scrutiny and improvement in AI development processes.

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Joe Biden’s Open Borders Endangering American Lives: The Tragic Case of Laken Riley



As a concerned parent, I find myself grappling with a sense of profound grief and anger over the tragic murder of 22-year-old University of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley. Her life was cut short in a brutal act of violence that serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of lax immigration policies, particularly the open-border approach championed by President Joe Biden and his administration.

The man charged with this heinous crime is Jose Antonio Ibarra, a Venezuelan national who entered the U.S. illegally in 2022 by crossing the southern border in Texas. Shockingly, this was not Ibarra’s first encounter with law enforcement. In the preceding year, he had been arrested in New York for endangering a 5-year-old child. However, the New York Police Department inexplicably released him before Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) could take appropriate action.

Tragically, this decision had devastating consequences. Last Thursday, Laken Riley went missing after going for a jog on a trail at the University of Georgia. Her lifeless body was discovered in a wooded area off the trail, with law enforcement describing the murder as “a crime of opportunity.” Ibarra has been charged with a litany of serious offenses, including malice murder, felony murder, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, kidnapping, hindering a 911 call, and concealing the death of another.

What compounds the tragedy is the fact that Athens-Clarke County, where this gruesome murder occurred, is one of four sanctuary cities in Georgia. Sanctuary policies limit cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities, creating an environment where individuals like Ibarra can slip through the cracks and pose a grave danger to the community.

Equally disturbing is the media’s coverage of this heartbreaking incident. The Associated Press, in its reporting, highlighted the “dangers for female joggers” but glaringly omitted any mention that Laken Riley’s killer was an illegal alien who had previously been arrested. This type of selective reporting only serves to obscure the broader issue at hand and contributes to a lack of transparency about the real dangers posed by individuals entering the country illegally.

In the bigger picture, Laken Riley’s blood is on the hands of Joe Biden and every open-border Democrat. Since Biden took office, over 10 million illegal immigrants have been allowed to enter the United States. This staggering number underscores the urgency of reevaluating our immigration policies and addressing the inherent risks associated with an open-border approach.

The safety and well-being of American citizens must be the top priority. It is high time for our leaders to acknowledge the devastating consequences of their policies and take concrete actions to protect the lives of individuals like Laken Riley, who should never have fallen victim to a system that failed to prioritize the safety and security of its own citizens.

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