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BREAKING: Controversial Documentary Resurfaces with Explosive Vaccine Claim



With vaccine hesitancy on the rise and skepticism towards regulatory agencies and big pharma growing, it’s time to revisit one of the most contentious potential cover-up cases of the past few decades and address the question: Did the CDC manipulate data to conceal a possible connection between MMR vaccines and autism?

The 2016 documentary “Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe” unfolds the story of CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) whistleblower Dr. William Thompson. He alleged that the CDC intentionally destroyed evidence suggesting a link between the MMR vaccine and autism in children.

The film has recently resurfaced on Rumble, gaining renewed attention, likely due to dwindling trust in both the CDC and vaccines as a whole following the COVID-19 crisis.

The documentary is produced by filmmaker Del Bigtree and scientist Andrew Wakefield. Wakefield, who authored a controversial 1998 study suggesting a link between the MMR vaccine and autism, has since been discredited as a “conspiracy theorist” and “anti-vaccine activist” by mainstream media and the scientific community.

So, what are Dr. William Thompson’s claims? Dr. Thompson alleges that he and his co-authors intentionally excluded data from a 2004 study indicating a significant correlation between the MMR vaccine and autism in African-American children.

In 2014, Dr. Thompson had a series of phone calls with Dr. Brian Hooker, who later analyzed the data and found a significant correlation between the MMR vaccine and autism in black children. This prompted Hooker to publish his findings, leading to media attention. Hooker had also secretly recorded his calls with Thompson, providing evidence of the CDC scientist’s guidance on accessing the data.

This prompted Thompson to go public, admitting on August 27, 2014, that he and his coauthors had omitted statistically significant information from their 2004 article published in Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males receiving the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at an increased risk of autism.

Thompson stressed his belief in the importance of vaccines while regretting the omission of relevant findings in a particular study for a specific subgroup.

In one phone call, Thompson indicated that the earlier children received the MMR shot, the higher the likelihood of developing autism. This data challenges the recommended age for MMR vaccination in the U.S., which is typically between 12 and 18 months.

In 2014, Thompson published the “CDC files,” which included documents allegedly excluded from the MMR vaccine study, along with internal communications between Thompson and CDC executives. In these documents, he outlined events from March 2001 to March 2004, revealing the decision to withhold data on race effects and the scheduling of a meeting to destroy related documents.

Thompson also felt compelled to report the excluded findings to his superiors and presented his results to members of the National Immunization Program and the CDC’s director, Julie Gerberding, who later placed him on administrative leave.

Thompson’s memo hints at a potential reason for the CDC’s concealment of data – the Congressional Autism Caucus, an initiative that sought to investigate the link between vaccines and autism.

While this article primarily focuses on Thompson’s allegations against the CDC, it’s important to note that the number of reported autism cases in the U.S. has dramatically increased in recent decades. Some attribute this rise to improved diagnostics and expanded criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder, while others suspect environmental factors, including vaccines.

There have been personal accounts of children developing autism symptoms following vaccinations, and court cases where families received compensation after their children developed autism. Yet, studies showing a link between vaccines and autism are often discredited or disregarded by health agencies and the scientific establishment.

Moreover, the use of aborted fetal cell lines in vaccines is another potential factor contributing to the increase in autism cases.

In conclusion, while we can’t definitively answer the initial question, the evidence suggests that the CDC may have manipulated data to conceal a possible link between the MMR vaccine and autism. If Thompson’s claims are true, it raises questions about why the CDC retained him as an employee. However, it also underscores the challenges faced by scientists and researchers who question the mainstream narrative on vaccines and autism, even when they are generally pro-vaccine. To get to the truth, it’s essential that both David Thompson and CDC director Julie Gerberding be subpoenaed by the U.S. Congress to testify under oath. This would allow the public to uncover the entire truth about this matter.

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SHOCKING: Liberals In Virginia Said NO To This Porn Star Candidate!



In a recent election for Virginia’s House of Delegates, the Democratic candidate Susanna Gibson found herself in a steamy scandal that ultimately cost her the race. Let’s dive into the delightful details, shall we?

Gibson, a supposed champion of the Democratic Party, decided to make headlines of a rather salacious nature. She was caught red-handed uploading explicit videos of herself and her husband engaging in adult activities on a popular pornographic website, Chaturbate. Oh, how the mighty have fallen! The Washington Post uncovered this little gem of a story, and it spread like wildfire.

It’s a little ironic, don’t you think? Democrats often tout themselves as champions of women’s rights and defenders of morality, yet here was one of their own shamelessly peddling her intimacy for the sake of a few dollars from online viewers. I guess principles tend to fly out the window when there’s a quick buck to be made.

To add salt to the wound, several Democratic officials, who had initially endorsed Gibson’s candidacy, promptly distanced themselves from her after the scandal broke. It seems they didn’t want to be associated with the embarrassment, and who could blame them?

But hold onto your hats! Despite the explicit videos and the loss of endorsements, Gibson decided to keep campaigning. Her primary focus? Abortion. She accused Republican candidates of seeking to restrict the procedure unreasonably. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! It’s hard not to roll your eyes at the sheer audacity of it all.

And what was the result, you may ask? Did the good people of Virginia stand with Gibson and her liberal virtue-signaling? Absolutely not! David Owen, the Republican candidate, emerged victorious by a slim margin of 966 votes. It’s almost as if the voters saw through the hypocrisy and chose a candidate who had his priorities straight.

In the end, despite Gibson’s best efforts, Democrats did manage to secure control of the House of Delegates and retained their grip on the state Senate. But it’s a Pyrrhic victory at best, especially when they had to carry the baggage of a candidate who brought shame to their party.

David Owen, the man of the hour, didn’t even stoop to using Gibson’s scandal as campaign material. He remained focused on the issues that truly matter to the people of Virginia. After his well-deserved victory, Owen expressed his readiness to work and serve the community. Now, that’s the kind of leadership Virginia needs!

In conclusion, Susanna Gibson’s fall from grace is a prime example of the hypocrisy that often runs rampant in liberal politics. It’s a cautionary tale for all those who prioritize virtue signaling over genuine principles. Virginia, like the rest of the country, deserves leaders who can walk the talk and focus on the real issues at hand. Congratulations to David Owen for his win, and may his tenure bring some much-needed sanity to the House of Delegates.

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Demons in Children’s Books? Virginia Candidate Sparks Fury with ‘Demonic’ Literature!



In a shocking turn of events, Jeremy D. Rodden, a pro-LGBT candidate endorsed by the Virginia Democrat Party and running for the House of Delegates in the state’s conservative 90th District, is facing intense scrutiny and concern from concerned parents. The controversy centers around his associations with a satanic after-school group and his authorship of what are described as “demonic” children’s books, as reported by the Daily Wire.

Rodden, who has received strong backing from various leftist groups and individuals, is campaigning on an education-focused platform to unseat the Republican incumbent in the 90th District. However, his involvement with dark and troubling themes in his literature and his association with the After School Satan Club have raised significant alarms among parents, especially those of Catholic faith.

Some of Rodden’s books, including “UnCommon Evil” and “Demonic Household,” have ignited outrage among parents for their disturbing content. Concerned parents argue that these books are wholly inappropriate for children and go beyond what they consider acceptable boundaries for children’s literature.

Moreover, the controversy deepened when Rodden was found to be promoting an After School Satan Club at a local primary school. This development has added fuel to the fire, with parents expressing their profound disapproval of introducing such a group into their children’s educational environment. Many Catholic parents are particularly outraged, as they see it as a direct affront to their religious values and beliefs.

As the story continues to unfold, Jeremy D. Rodden’s campaign is now under intense scrutiny from concerned parents who fear that his associations with the satanic after-school group and the content of his “demonic” children’s books may have a detrimental impact on their children’s well-being and education. This controversy has brought to the forefront the ongoing debate about the role of education and the boundaries of expression in a politically charged environment.

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BREAKING: The Real Reason Behind Jim Jordan’s Surprising Speaker Announcement



In a recent development that some may view as a strategic move by Congressman Jim Jordan, a staunch conservative and a favorite among many moms like myself, it appears that he has decided not to pursue a third run for the position of House Speaker. Instead, he has thrown his support behind Representative Patrick McHenry, whom he endorses as the Speaker Designee until at least January 2024. Jordan made this announcement following a closed-door meeting with his fellow GOP colleagues earlier today.

Jordan, faced two prior floor ballots earlier this week and unfortunately fell short of the required 217 votes. In the first round, he garnered the support of 200 of his fellow Republicans, and in the second round, only 199. On the other side of the aisle, Democrat Leader Hakeem Jeffries secured all 212 Democrat votes during both rounds of voting.

Interestingly, around 22 moderate Republican holdouts opted to cast their votes in an unpredictable manner, supporting various candidates, including former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Iowa Representative Steve Scalise, and others. Their choices seemed to stem from their frustration with Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, who played a role in ousting McCarthy earlier this month.

While Jordan had the endorsement of former President Donald Trump and even the support of McCarthy himself, he was perceived as the primary option for House Republicans. This was in part due to the withdrawal of Representative Scalise, the GOP’s Majority Leader, from the race, as he was unable to garner sufficient support from the more conservative members of the caucus.

Importantly, Jordan’s decision doesn’t rule out the possibility of him seeking the Speaker’s role in the future. It simply means that, for now, McHenry will step in as the “temporary Speaker” until a more permanent decision is made by Republicans. To ensure the House functions smoothly during this interim period, it appears that McHenry will need to be granted expanded powers, a move that lawmakers, including Jordan, are actively pursuing. However, it’s worth noting that Congressman Gaetz has voiced strong opposition to this approach, characterizing it as a “twisting” of the U.S. Constitution, and has called for the House to remain in session until a Speaker is officially selected. As conservative moms, we will be keeping a close eye on these developments and hoping for a swift and stable resolution in the best interests of our great nation.

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